We're Different

In-House Execution

One Throat To Choke

Many firms in the marketing services space seek to make additional profits by outsourcing critical functions to less skilled service providers in order to profit as an outsourced-outsourcer.

A popular example would be an agency, or even a call center partner, who sub-contracts the actual call center work (domestically or off shore) on a campaign. Typically, these subcontractors are less-skilled, less-compliant, and deliver sub-par execution.

We keep critical functions on-site where they can be carefully managed and optimized. We test, engineer and reverse engineer on a dime because its all in-house.

Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys

We don’t play the labor arbitrage game. In our experience, for every $1.00 of expense saved by outsourcing to a remote, offshore labor pool, at least $2.00 of revenue is lost due to skill gaps, and execution problems.

Our business model is to identify campaigns that can benefit from a highly-skilled, carefully managed team, working in our controlled environment. We want to be twice as expensive, and four times as effective.